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Ujeto Theater

UJETO Theater is an unconventional ensemble whose core members are actors with learning difficulties. It is not just a socially, therapeutically or leisure-time oriented project but a serious attempt to run a theatre in the as-far-as-possible professional conditions, using the very specific potential of talented and trained people with disabilities. The ensemble began its work in 2009 and it has been performing under the name Ujeto Theater for four years. Their permanent stage is at the Kampa Theater.

The core of the group consists of Josef Fojt, Martin Vošmik, Patrik Horvát, Jaroslava Krpálková, Dáša Filípková, Martin Vejman, Anna Macková, Ilona Labuťová and Štěpán Smolík. It has five author plays and one family musical fairy-tale in its repertoire, performs both in Bohemia and abroad. In addition to acting individual members also conduct (or actively participate in) workshops focused on theater for specific groups. Since 2015 Ujeto has been cooperating with the Center of Expertise in Longevity and Long-term Care and the Czech Alzheimer Society.

For more information visit www.ujeto.cz.

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