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Bc. Ilona Labuťová

Special pedagogue, freelance dramatherapist, founding member of the Association of Dramatherapists of the Czech Republic. Graduate of the first international long-term training in dramatherapy in the Czech Republic. She has long been involved in dramatherapeutic work with people with learning difficulties and children with specific educational needs.

She has been cooperating with CELLO since 2013, primarily as a lecturer focusing on social services users and direct care workers in facilities for people with disabilities in the South Moravian Region where, together with her colleague Štěpán Smolík, she has conducted mixed dramatherapeutic groups of users with their therapists. Together they lectured courses "Introduction of dramatherapy when working with handicaped users" or "Introduction to the theatrical work in specific groups".

Recently, they support and consult the development of theater ensembles in some of these facilities (in cooperation with the Czech Alzheimer Society). From 2015 she teaches dramatherapy at the Faculty of Education, Charles University. Co-founder of the UJETO Theater, a professional ensemble of actors with or without apparent disability and Teatralie, a nonprofit organization focusing on the application and research of the theater in specific groups within the framework of artistic and non-artistic activities.

e-mail:  , tel. +420 721 967 619

web: www.ujeto.cz; www.teatralie.cz

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