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Jan Hamák

Jan Hamák has been working with CELLO since 2016 as a consultant for self-advocacy. He has been an active member of the self-advocacy group Alone and together (founded by Jan Šiška) for twenty years. The group activity is best documented by the increase in the frequency of meetings from once a month, over one in fourteen days, to once a week. For example, the group has also been involved in the simplifying of the text and the final graphic design of the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities. Jan maintains regular contact with other groups of self-advocates, performs throughout the country as a motivational speaker and helps to establish new groups of self-advocates. Since spring of 2016, he has been working as an assistant in a multinational IT company. He is also a member of the Human Resources Department there and together with his colleagues he actively passes his experience of supported employment: he teaches HR specialists and the personnel of governmental institutions.


Mgr. Marcela Janečková

Marcela Kravciv Janečková (1980) has been studying the doctoral program of Public and Social Policy at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University. Marcela’s research activities focus on topics concerning integrated care (health and health-social care) - case management, organizational, financial and systemic aspects of integration, patient reported outcomes etc. She also participates on preparation and realization of projects with international cooperation (Progress, COST etc.). During her master program of study she studied in France at Université de Montpellier and worked at the Queen Elisabeth Foundation Brain Injury Centre, United Kingdom. In 2007 she established non profit organisation CEREBRUM – Association of persons with brain injury and their families, in which she had served as president and director until 2011. As author or editor she participated in publication of Recommendations for Management of Health and Social Care for Patients with Acquired Brain Injury (2011), Case Study of Societal Costs Related to Consequences of Brain Injuries (2011) and other popular and scientific publications on the isse of brain injury. She is an active member of Health and Social Committee of Prague 7.


Mgr. Martina Kuckir

Since 2012 Martina Kuckir collaborates with the Faculty of Humanities at the Charles University in Prague. She focuses on the Functional geriatric assessment research. She worked as a coordinator of the project Creation of the system and software for the structured functional assessment for the long-term care purposes. In 2008 she graduated from University of Pardubice with a Master´s degree in Nursing. Since 2008 she also teaches subjects “Geriatric nursing”, “Primary health-care”, “Home-care” and “Public health policy”. Currently she studies Doctoral Degree Program in Nursing at the University of Pardubice, aimed at the falls of geriatric patients and evaluation of screening tools.

e-mail: martina@kuckir.com

Bc. Ilona Labuťová

Special pedagogue, freelance dramatherapist, founding member of the Association of Dramatherapists of the Czech Republic. Graduate of the first international long-term training in dramatherapy in the Czech Republic. She has long been involved in dramatherapeutic work with people with learning difficulties and children with specific educational needs.

She has been cooperating with CELLO since 2013, primarily as a lecturer focusing on social services users and direct care workers in facilities for people with disabilities in the South Moravian Region where, together with her colleague Štěpán Smolík, she has conducted mixed dramatherapeutic groups of users with their therapists. Together they lectured courses "Introduction of dramatherapy when working with handicaped users" or "Introduction to the theatrical work in specific groups".

Recently, they support and consult the development of theater ensembles in some of these facilities (in cooperation with the Czech Alzheimer Society). From 2015 she teaches dramatherapy at the Faculty of Education, Charles University. Co-founder of the UJETO Theater, a professional ensemble of actors with or without apparent disability and Teatralie, a nonprofit organization focusing on the application and research of the theater in specific groups within the framework of artistic and non-artistic activities.

e-mail:  , tel. +420 721 967 619

web: www.ujeto.cz; www.teatralie.cz

Pavel Nepustil, Ph.D.

I am a freelance psychologist, consultant and supervisor, specifically interested in the field of drug use, addiction and mental health. Between 2003 and 2013, I worked as a social worker nad therapist with drug users and their families in NGO Podané ruce. I gained my Social Work degree in Prachatice, studied MA in Psychology in Brno at Faculty of Arts, and finally I received my PhD at Faculty of Social studies in Brno.

I have a long-term interest in collaborative and dialogic approaches within helping professions; I spent 4 months in Houston Galveston Institute as a Fulbright scholar in 2008. I studied with dr. Harlene Anderson and translated her book (Conversation, language and possibilities) to Czech.

I co-established Narativ Association that aims to develop collaborative and dialogic practices in Czech Republic and Slovakia, within this association I organize and facilitate educational activities, especially two year-long intensive programmes: Possibilities of Dialogue and Foundational Training in Open Dialogue.

I published a book Recovered without Treatment out of my dissertation, it captures the process of abandoning crystal methamphetamine use. I published on similar topic in several Czech and International journals.

Within CELLO I work as an external consultant for a residential social service for people with severe mental illness and addiction. We try to build a space for dialogic practice and case work, and support the recovery process and the quality of life of the clients.

E-mail: nepustil@narativ.cz , mobilní telefon +420 777 916 280

Osobní web: http://nepustil.narativ.cz

Kate Shiells, BA, MSc

Kate graduated from the University of Bristol (UK) with a BA (Hons) in French and Czech (2011). During her year abroad as part of her undergraduate degree, she studied at the Sorbonne University in Paris and taught English in the Czech Republic. She later went on to graduate with an MSc in Public Policy (2014) and was awarded a prize for her research which looked at inclusive schooling for pupils with special educational needs in the UK. During this time, she also completed the Policy Traineeship Programme at the European Commission.

Kate has over ten years of experience working with people with dementia in a variety of settings, most recently for the Alzheimer’s Society, and is interested in research which will lead to an improvement in the provision of care for people with dementia. Her interests also lie in qualitative research and the ethical considerations surrounding the involvement of people with dementia in research.

She is pleased to have recently joined the CELLO team as a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher working as part of the European-funded project INDUCT. Her study will look at the various software programmes used in nursing home settings to help manage care for people with dementia and subsequently analyse enabling factors and hurdles in their use. She will carry out her research in four European countries (Czech Republic, Belgium, Spain and the UK), and the results will inform guidance for the development of optimal care management software.


Štěpán Smolík, Ph.D.

Dramatherapist, theatre maker, psychologist, supervisor. Graduate of Master and Postgraduate Studies in Psychology at Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague, with self-experience trainings in psychotherapy, dramatherapy and supervision; founding member of the Association of Dramatherapists of the Czech Republic.

I provide therapy and counseling for a number of client groups (mental illness, learning difficulties, addiction, ADHD, behavioral disorders). Within the framework of theatrical practice I am acting as a director, a dramaturgist and an actor. I am a co-founder of the UJETO Theater, a professional ensemble of actors with or without an obvious disability, and co-founder of Teatralie, a nonprofit organization focusing on application and research of theater in specific groups, both artistic and non-artistic.

I have been cooperating with CELLO since 2013, mainly as a lecturer and a supervisor in the field of social services users and direct care workers in facilities for people with disabilities in the South Moravian Region. Until now, I have worked mainly with dramatherapeutic groups for users and their therapists, co-lectured courses "Introduction of dramatherapy when working with handicaped users" or "Introduction to the theatrical work in specific groups“, and have provided supervision of dramatherapy groups for several years. Together with my colleague Ilona Labuťová, we are currently maintaining methodological consultations supporting the development of theater ensembles in some of these facilities (in cooperation with the Czech Alzheimer Society).


Mgr. Petr Veleta, Ph.D.

He completed studies at the Dance Conservatory in Prague, took part in a one-year internship programme at the London School of Contemporary Dance, studied the choreography branch at the Prague HAMU (Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts) and completed his doctoral study programme of kinanthropology at the FTVS UK (Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of Charles University), topic: Dance and movement programme for seniors. He was active as a solo dancer of the Ballet of the Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava, Karlín Musical Theatre and the head of ballet and choreographer in the Olomouc Theatre. As a dance pedagogue and choreographer he was active in Slovakia, as well as in the Czech Republic and took part in several projects in England and Germany. He is a member of the UNESCO International Dance Council (CID). He works as an assistant director of opera of the National Theatre in Prague. Other activities include dance and movement therapy for seniors with psychical and physical handicaps, which he performs within the framework of the programmes of the Czech Alzheimer Society, Gerontological Centre in Prague 8 and Peter’s Dance Centre Prague. He is the founder of the movement and dance method known as EXDASE (EXercise and Dance for SEniors). He uses this psychomotor therapeutic method successfully in practical lessons, in many facilities of long-term care for seniors and handicapped people, both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

cellphone: +420 603 149 100

e-mail: petrveleta@centrum.cz

Ujeto Theater

UJETO Theater is an unconventional ensemble whose core members are actors with learning difficulties. It is not just a socially, therapeutically or leisure-time oriented project but a serious attempt to run a theatre in the as-far-as-possible professional conditions, using the very specific potential of talented and trained people with disabilities. The ensemble began its work in 2009 and it has been performing under the name Ujeto Theater for four years. Their permanent stage is at the Kampa Theater.

The core of the group consists of Josef Fojt, Martin Vošmik, Patrik Horvát, Jaroslava Krpálková, Dáša Filípková, Martin Vejman, Anna Macková, Ilona Labuťová and Štěpán Smolík. It has five author plays and one family musical fairy-tale in its repertoire, performs both in Bohemia and abroad. In addition to acting individual members also conduct (or actively participate in) workshops focused on theater for specific groups. Since 2015 Ujeto has been cooperating with the Center of Expertise in Longevity and Long-term Care and the Czech Alzheimer Society.

For more information visit www.ujeto.cz.

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