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Productive Ageing. Conditions and Opportunities

Centre of Expertise in Longevity and Long-term Care, FHS UK, International Longevity Center, has published the monograph "Productive Aging: Terms and Opportunities", which presents a view of this issue through the optics of 11 of 14 International Longevity Centre Global Alliance centers from four continents (Czech Republic, Great Britain, Japan, France, the Netherlands, Israel, Singapore, India, Argentina, the Dominican Republic and South Africa).

The monograph represents "productive aging" in the concept of Dr. Robert Butler as a crossroads of health, formal (paid) and informal economic activity and social engagement. It provides an overview of the state, barriers and opportunities for productive social engagement, the possibilities of supporting various forms of productive aging and optimizing capacity for productive inclusion.

Dr. Butler has used the term "productive aging" for the first time at a seminar on addiction and long-term care in Salzburg, Austria in 1982, deliberately, in order to highlight the positive aspects of aging and the potential for aging. Productive aging is therefore the opposite of the negative concept of aging, which Robert Butler first called "ageism" - a concept he first used in the book "Why survive? Being Old in America "(1976), for which he received the Pulitzer Prize.

The monograph focuses on the positive aspects of aging and longevity, the growing potential that these processes can offer to individuals and companies, and the analysis of factors, conditions and threats to the prospect of productive aging and longevity.

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