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Challenges of ageing societies in the Visegrad countries

The charity organization of the Order of the Maltese Knights in Hungary published a monograph titled "Challenges of aging societies in the Visegrad countries".

The publication presents research results and examples of good practice in the Central European countries of the Visegrad Four - the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. The intention of the book is to fill the gap in this area by making available some of the lessons learned so far especially in the national languages.

The chapters focus on various age-related issues in these countries, from analysis of demographic trends, socio-economic trends, labor market developments, long-term care issues, including the status of migrants, to the future of cities and the aging and urbanization context, housing for the elderly, Use of information and communication technology or domestic violence (see the content below).

The book highlights the diversity of issues and approaches in this area and the similarities and differences between countries.


  • Foreword (Lajos Gyôri)

  • Challenges of Ageing in the Visegrad Countries: Introduction (Zsuzsa Széman)

  • Ageing in the Visegrad Countries: Selected Demographic and Sociological Aspects (Zsolt Spéder, Lajos Bálint)

  • Some Socio-economic Consequences of Population Ageing in Selected Central and Eastern European Countries (Jolanta Perek-Białas)

  • Population Ageing – Impacts and Challenges in the Slovak Republic (Bernardina Bodnárová)

  • Integrated Employment and Rehabilitation Services: New Evidence from Hungary (Ágota Scharle)

  • Intimate Partner Violence Against Older Women (Olga Tóth)

  • Constructing Long-term Care Systems in Europe – Theoretical Considerations and Examples of Innovative Practice (Kai Leichsenring)

  • What is a Migrant Care Worker? Being at the Crossroads of Servant, Family Member and Nurse Status (Tünde Turai)

  • Opportunities and Challenges for Integrated Provision of Long-term Care Services in the Czech Republic (Iva Holmerová, Hana Vaňková, Petr Wija)

  • The Impacts of an Intervention Program on the Quality of Life of Elderly Recipients of Social Services (Teodóra Németh Rácz)

  • Future Cities for the People of the Past, or Vice Versa? The Dynamic Challenges of Ageing and Urbanization (Lucie Vidovicova)

  • A Brief Discussion of the Factors Driving the Demand for Independent Senior Housing: Poland (Greta Garniss)

  • Elderly-friendly Housing Model: Results of an Action Research (Zsuzsa Széman)

  • Improving the Quality of Life of the Elderly with ICT – Results of an R&D Project (Csaba Kucsera)

  • Skype as a Means of Integrating Older People In Long-term Care: An Action Research (Zsuzsa Széman)


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