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Long-term care - geriatric aspects and quality

Centre of Expertise in Longevity and Long-term Care, International Longevity Center, the Czech Republic has published the monograph "Long-term Care - Geriatric Aspects and Quality".

The monograph deals with issues that are not yet discussed in the literature: the health problems of chronic conditions causing disability, which are considered in our conditions and in our healthcare as "casus sociales". The health issues of these patients are very complex and demanding both for the knowledge and attitudes of healthcare workers and their ability not only to manage these difficult health situations, but also to coordinate health care in teams of other workers, including social workers.

The individual chapters of the publication are devoted to the issue of functional status and the assessment of both somatic and psychological functions of older patients with regard to planning and provision of long-term care, and interprofessional cooperation. An extensive part deals with the issue of quality of long-term care and presents the results of the authors' project - quality criteria and standards of long-term care.

The professional publication is intended primarily for doctors and nurses providing health care to people with limited self-sufficiency (ie the need for long-term care) in both home and institutional settings. Information can also be provided to long-term care managers and social workers as well as other interested parties.

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