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Selected Areas and Scales of Functional Geriatric Assessment

Center of Expertise in Longevity and Long-term Care, International Longevity Center, the Czech Republic has published the monograph "Selected Areas and Scales of Functional Geriatric Assessment".

The publication presents several basic tools of functional geriatric assessment, which is one of the important tools for the care of geriatric patients. Functional geriatric evaluation should be a fundamental starting point for both the planning of individualized care for geriatric patients and the monitoring of its results.

Demographic changes, which are currently very fast, are the result of better health and long-term survival of the developed world as well as many developing countries. Of course, they also concern our population, which is among the fastest aging in Europe. The number of people in the highest decades is particularly significant. People with chronic illnesses and disabilities are also experiencing a significantly higher age than they did before. While the life expectancy in the Czech Republic has been greatly prolonged, the period of so-called "healthy living" represents only about three quarters of life. What is the common denominator of all these phenomena? It is a fact that there is a very significant increase in the percentage and number of people whose working condition is limited. However, it is just the level of functional status of individual people, which together with the quality of the environment influences the quality of their life, autonomy and integration in society. Functional improvements should be one of the major goals of modern medicine, health care, and health care in general. Functional status is a significant indicator of success and long-term care. Among the fields that deal with the evaluation include rehabilitation and geriatrics.

Geriatric functional evaluation is one of the basic tools and bases for ensuring quality geriatric care. Because of the multimorbidity of geriatric patients, it uses some other tests than it does in younger patients. The aim of this publication is not to present a representative overview of geriatric tests. On the contrary, this is a selection of some of the most frequently used tests and scales, and the introduction of a method that allows them to perform as we are accustomed to the patient's bed using pre-printed forms and their subsequent conversion into digitized form so that they can not only monitor their dynamics of individual patients (which can, of course, be included in individual clinical documentation), but also the results of care provided by the individual departments.

Publication presents some of the basic tools of functional geriatric assessment, which is one of the important tools of care for geriatric patients. Functional geriatric assessment should be the basic starting point for the planning of individualized care for geriatric patients and also for monitoring its results.

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