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Mgr. Marcela Janečková

Marcela Kravciv Janečková (1980) has been studying the doctoral program of Public and Social Policy at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University. Marcela’s research activities focus on topics concerning integrated care (health and health-social care) - case management, organizational, financial and systemic aspects of integration, patient reported outcomes etc. She also participates on preparation and realization of projects with international cooperation (Progress, COST etc.). During her master program of study she studied in France at Université de Montpellier and worked at the Queen Elisabeth Foundation Brain Injury Centre, United Kingdom. In 2007 she established non profit organisation CEREBRUM – Association of persons with brain injury and their families, in which she had served as president and director until 2011. As author or editor she participated in publication of Recommendations for Management of Health and Social Care for Patients with Acquired Brain Injury (2011), Case Study of Societal Costs Related to Consequences of Brain Injuries (2011) and other popular and scientific publications on the isse of brain injury. She is an active member of Health and Social Committee of Prague 7.


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