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Mgr. Dita Jahodová

Dita Jahodová graduated from the School of Humanities at Charles University in Prague with an M.A. in Gender Studies and she lectures the course 'Construction of Research Projects' there. At the same time she is an internal postgraduate student in studies of sociology at the Faculty of Social Studies at Masaryk University in Brno, where she is also dedicated to pedagogical activities. She focuses on issues connected with gender, sexuality, body and embodiment. In her research work she is concerned with questions related to mechanisms of gender and the heteronormative order, health care, medicalization, stigmatization, invisibility and social exclusion. She is member of the Gender Expert Chamber of the Czech Republic and co-investigator of projects relating to equal opportunities for women and men and reconciliation of work and private life. Within CELLO she participates as a researcher on an ethnographical study about providing and arranging care for people with dementia in a home environment.


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